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[ Day 7: Favorite game couple ]

How predictable of me. Mister and Miss Leon Scott Kennedy and Ada Wong everyone, aka Aeon, for short (; Do I really need to say anything about them? Well, I’m gonna. Initially I meant to stay from the romantic perspective of a “couple” and work more along the lines of the deph of a relationship (any) between two characters. But hey, these two fit every criteria, so why not? Two of my favorite characters are together, after all!

Are they? Their relationship dates waaay back and to this day we’ve seen several encounters that sent sparks flying — and more often than not bullets as well — but what makes them my favorite pairing is their dynamic, how they obviously  care for (I daresay love) one another even when they stand on opposite sides of this biohazard.

Leon likes bad bitches that’s his fucking problem.

Aeon + Captured


Make Me Choose ⇢ Leon or Wesker;

Asked by chirikalovesjill.

Favorite Characters:
Ada Wong

Claire Redfield gifspam ⇢ Resident Evil Code Veronica X [Pᴀʀᴛ 3]


The Reason Why I love Leon/Ada

The way they protect each other(Leon’s part)